Doppelgänger (2019)

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Photography: Kiñuka, Edurne Naveran


Doppelgänger is an itinerant and durational piece which plays with the idea of double and the transformation of time. 5 choreographic actions disseminated by different places of the location where it is presented. 5 actions that are happening to a so differente TEMPO from the usual that the observer can look, stop looking and look again when he wants, the action will continue to develop. Live sculptures with an imperceptible movement.

Artist Team

Idea & direction: Olatz de Andrés
Outside eye: Robert Jackson
Creation and performance: Natalia G. Muro and Pilar Andrés
Costumes: Olatz de Andrés

Duration: each action lasts 10/15 minutes
Support: Culture Department of the Basque Government
Artistic Residencies: Arropaineko Arragua, Harrobia, La Fundición