Eu Sou Passageiro (2018)

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Photography: Jose Caldeira


An organism composed by a group of bodies is placed in front of us. We witness the brief duration of their trail of movement. A journey from individuality to a collectivity which becomes one single body.

This piece plays with the imagination of our future bodies and craves for surpassing this reality to touch another reality.

Artistic Team

Choreograpphy: Olatz de Andrés
Dancers: Ana Isabel Castro, Leonor Barbosa, Beatriz Baptista, Beatriz Valentim, Ana Semeao, Michael de Haan
Lighting: Joaquim Madail, Joao Abreu
Costumes: Olatz de Andrés
Sound editing: Olatz de Andrés
Production: Kale Companhia de Dança

Duration: 30 minuts

This piece is part of PARTAGER, a collaboration project between Kale Companhia de Dança, Le Labo de Recherche Chorégraphique du Ballet Malandain Biarritz and La Fundición where the choreographers Gilles Baron (FR) y Paula Moreno (PT) were also invited.