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Photography: Despina Patsika, Gorka Bravo, Elssie Ansareo, Gabo Punzo.

Premiere AZ Bilbao 30/9 and 1/10 2016


M: Your turn … You have all the time.
Y: I think you’re wrong.
M: Maybe, what’s your next move?
Y: Rook to King one.
M: You call that strategy?
Y: What?
M: Thank you for a game full of beauty.

‘The Endgame’ draws a kaleidoscopic game, which confronts ideas like time, chance, triumph, strategy, failure and beauty.

Artistic Team

Direction: Olatz de Andrés
Choreography and Texts: Olatz de Andrés and the team of performers.
Performers: Pilar Andrés, Paula Serrano, Isabel Álvarez, Aiala Etxegarai (Natalia de Miguel/Christos Xyrafakis in the creation process)
Conceptual and visual laboratory: Mabi Revuelta
Lighting Design: Gabo Punzo
Costumes and Props: Sinpatron
Set Design: Gabo Punzo and Sinpatron
Sound: Jamie McCarthy
Dramaturgy: Lou Cope
Chess expert: Leontxo Garcia
Producer: Maria Rodriguez and the team of Azkuna Zentroa
Design: Ainara Ipiña
Photography: Gabo Punzo.
Duration: 50 minutos

Selected project at Amphitryon 2016 artistic residencies programme of AZ (AlhóndigaBilbao, Spain)