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Photography: Jesús Robisco

Premiere 25-26 October in Festival BAD, La Fundición (Bilbao). Selected at the CIRCUITO DE LA RED DE TEATROS ALTERNATIVOS 2016 (Spain) Recommended by: Sarea (Red de Teatros Vascos) 2015, Redescena 2015, Red de Teatros de Navarra 2015. Selected at Danza Escena 2018 Catalogue.


You go to a city and you find an old classical sculpture next to a skyscraper. You are in front of two constructions separated by a 2500 years. And nothing happens. The constant accumulation of History causes the past to become incidental, while the present takes centre stage. But the present is subtle and fragile, and it seems that no historic event today has the weight it should have. Whatever the century, each of us has told ourselves our own story to understand better why we are where we are. But the Sky, permanently present and immortal, observes, astonished, our saturation of references and models. And, even while thinking we choose the best, the same stories are repeated once and again. Whether it be riding a horse while wearing a white tunic or travelling in a tracksuit on a RyanAir plane. And the Sky laughs because, in the end, this is the tragic story of people.

Artistic Team

Concept and Direction: Olatz de Andrés
Creation and Interpretation: Natalia de Miguel/Idurre Azkue, Pilar Andrés, Isaak Erdoiza y Olatz de Andrés
Dramaturgy: El Conde de Torrefiel
Texts: Pablo Gisbert with the collaboration of the dancers
Lighting: Gabo Punzo
Costumes: Sinpatron
Artistic Residencies: El Graner, La Fundición, Muelle 3, Azkuna Zentroa (Alhóndiga Bilbao).
Co-production: Festival BAD
Duration: 60 minutes

Supported by: Department of Culture of the Basque Government, El Graner (BCN), Pasoa2 (Madrid).



Corto El Cielo Ahora