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dA cAPO is inspired by the work of Belgium artist René Magritte and his vision on the visible and the invisible. It translates elements like contradiction, paradox, and the breakdown of logical relations of meaning to question the reality of the apparent and visible at first sight. The piece shifts between a visible and non-visible space, establishing relationships which are not necessarily rational but nearer to the world of the oneiric or surrealistic.

It recrafts the old trick of visual theatre where black disappears in black and white…. The action is developed between the interpretation and the manipulation of the actual piece.

Artistic Team

Direction, creation: Olatz De Andrés
Performers: Andrés de Olatz, Luna Mújika
Choreographic assistant: Gabriel Ocina
Sound: Itziar Madariaga
Music: Beth Gibbons, Brahms
Lighting: Gabo Punzo
Costumes and Attrezzo: Enriqueta Vega
Set design: Olatz De Andrés
Residencies: Azala Espacio, Muelle 3, La Fundición.
Duration: 30 minutes

Supported by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government.