We believe in the potential of dance and movement to transform people, communities and educational and social contexts.

Between 2010 and 2015 Olatz de Andrés, with Igor de Quadra and Matxalen de Pedro, members of the Muelle3 dance and creation space team, developed Dance & Community projects like Ametsak Dantzan (2014), Gorputz Ttanttak (2015) y Gizaphoniak: imitatzea merezi du (pass: detres) (2015) with the High School IES Ibarrekolanda in Bilbao.

From 2016 onwards, after the experience in the co-direction of Muelle3, Olatz de Andrés continues to develop this area within Lŏkke.

The Dance & Community projects we offer aim at providing shared experiences through dance, using movement as a means to develop creativity.


Previous LEKUKOAK:
LEKUKOAK takes different forms: pedagogic projects related to the pieces of the company, lectures or dissemination sessions about contemporary and new dance, experiences through movement… They are actions which aim at reaching new audiences for dance, made wherever the company presents its work.

The Endgame workshop with Mabi Revuelta at Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), 2016
Pedagogical Pack El Cielo Ahora with La Bai (Theatre School), before attending the presentation of the piece at Teatro Barakaldo, (Barakaldo, Bizkaia), 2016
Pedagogical Pack El Cielo Ahora with a theater group of Berriz, before attending the presentation of the piece at Teatro Berrizko Kultur Etxea, (Berriz, Bizkaia), 2016
Creation of a dance piece for INSA Toulouse within the programme Regards Croisés (2013). A project promoted by La Fundición and Le Laboratoire de Recherche Choreographique du Ballet Malandain Biharritz (Biharritz, Pays Basque Français), 2013.
Pedagogical Pack Privolva with Aleixandre High School at Teatro Ensalle (Vigo, Galicia), 2012.


Parentesiak are activities or actions that accompany the company’s presentations, either pre or post show. They can be chats with the cast and crew, projects designed to help contextualise the work, or participative community proposals that may even lead to a new performance.

The next project
coming in 2017 and running through 2018, draws its’ inspiration from the piece The Endgame, and is called THE BIG GAME.


LŎKKE Lab proposes a space of investigation that helps to rethink the company’s identity, as well as a way to promote dance and strengthen the dance sector.

Next LOKKElab
Next lab will be with Chisato Ohno (London) between May and June 2018. And launching trainings for professionals organized in collaboration with Bizidantza Elkartea.