Privolva (2011)

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Photography: Olivier Houix, Juan Zubillaga.

Nominated in Recconaisance Concurs de Danse Contemporaine CDC Le Pacifique Grenoble (France)


Privolva means the other side of the moon, the face we can never see from earth.

Privolva is a piece with a retrofuturistic touch.
Privolva plays with bodies which become homogeneous.
Privolva is located at an indefinite, multidimensional and poetic space.

The piece is based on the imaginary of philosophic science fiction.

In Privolva three bodies shift from the individual and the collective. One, two or three, interdependent and functional, they work as an efficient single body which creates the possibility for survival or limitation. The choreographic hypothesis is about bodies, which become more and more homogeneous in a hypothetical dystopic future. Understanding homogenization as a safe place but also as place, which limits and dissolves identities.

Artistic Team

Direction: Olatz de Andrés
Creation and interpretation: Pilar Andres, Isaac Erdoiza, Olatz de Andrés
Assistants on dramaturgy and choreography: Igor de Quadra e Izaskun Santamaría
Sound: Jose Urréjola
Lighting: Gabo Punzo
Visual design of the text: Raquel Durán
Costumes: Leire Orella
Production: Muelle 3 espacio de danza y creación
Co-production: Festival bad’11 (Bilbao)
Artistic residencies: L’animal a l’esquena ( and La Fundición (
Duration: 60 minutes

Supported by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government (Spain), San Agustín Kultur Aretoa (Durango, Spain) and Etxepare Basque Institute.