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Photography: Jesús Robisco

1st Prize 27th Choreography Competition Madrid 2013 Nominated in No Ballet International Choreography Competition (Ludwigshafen, Germany)


What if we had shared identities in the future?
What if our bodies were brought into line in the future?
What if in order to take a step we needed another person?

Privolva Landing is an extract for unconventional spaces of Privolva, a piece based on the imaginary of science fiction cinema.

Artistic Team

Direction: Olatz de Andrés
Creation and interpretation: Pilar Andres, Isaac Erdoiza, Olatz de Andrés
Assistants on dramaturgy and choreography: Igor de Quadra e Izaskun Santamaría
Sound: Jose Urréjola
Lighting: Gabo Punzo
Costumes: Sinpatron
Production: Muelle 3 espacio de danza y creación
Co-production: Festival Bad’11 (Bilbao)
Artistic residencies: L’animal a l’esquena ( and La Fundición (
Duration: 18 minutes

Supported by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government (Spain) and San Agustín Kultur Aretoa (Durango, Spain).