THE GAME (2016)

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Photography: Danilo Moroni.

Premiere Robin Howard Theatre-The Place, London. March 2016.


The Endgame (small move) is a game of chess on stage, which modulates the action of the dancers. The dancers are players and pieces of the game simultaneously and alternatively.

Chess organizes movements of pieces in a delimited space; choreography does something similar. From this starting point a multiplicity of analogies unfold.

Artistic Team

Idea and direction: Olatz de Andrés
Dancers: Christos Xyrafakis, Isabel Álvarez, Paula Serrano, Elena Lalucat
Lighting: Mickie Mannion
Sound: Jamie McCarthy
Costumes/Styling: Eva Escribano
Choreographic support: Sue Maclennan
R&D supported by: LCDS/The Place (Londres)
Supported by: Etxepare
Duration: 18 minutes