Yo soy una cosa que dura (2006)

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Photography: Jon Cazenave


A thought about time, pause and movement. An attempt to catch instants, to manually freeze the present. Travelling back to the beginnings of cinema, where the succession of photographic instants create the illusion of movement. Gestural strokes that remind us of silent movies.

The piece draws a route fragmented in simulated photographies in order to observe the place that composed them. These places become places in themselves, not a place of transit. The light, as an element of the set, acquires a presence of equal importance as the body.

Artistic Team

Direction, creation and interpretation: Olatz De Andrés
Creation and set design: Jordà Ferre
Choreographic support: Mónica Muntaner
Lighting: Jordà Ferré
Costume: Othilia

Supported by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government.
Selected for Basque Young Choreographers tour 2007.
Nominated in the Solo category for Masdanza Choreography Constest 2008.